Room Service Sucks for $148.00 a day

Posted by justicefordavidhanley on February 7, 2014 at 7:25 AM

David Hanley has been locked in a cell for 22 months, He had not seen the sun, or moon for 22 months he hasn't even had a breath of fresh air. The only time he has been out of the cell was for court and he still has not been outside because they load them in a garage.

The jail refuses to give him clean clothes he's been in the same orange jumpsuit for 2 months, If they do bring him clean clothes they are 4 sizes to small so he can not put them on.

David Hanley gets about 3 to 5 oz. of food a day and most of the time it is not eatable.

Turn your cold water on at your house and let it run for 5 minutes, now try to take a shower, that's what my brother gets, they will not let him have any hot water to shower with.

If you read the transcripts and reports or watch the videos you will see that my David Hanley did nothing wrong, he is the victim here! I need everyone to reach out to one another and spared David Hanley story.


It cost me $25.00 to talk to my brother for 45 minutes. It cost me $6.95 to talk for 15 minutes. Riverside County Jails was paid over 2.5 billion dollars by GTL for inmates to call love ones.

What is wrong here! They charge $148.00 a day to be locked up in jail.


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