Deputy Melendez 40 cal, My brother was hit two times with this 40 cal

Deputy Sheriffs moved their spent casing from in front of motor home door to fit their false statements. Proof in the Book of Evidence, chapters 8 and 12

My brother was hiding behind the open door and wall trying to see who's outside yelling. Proof is in the Deputy Statements and the Book of Evidence.

Deputy Sheriffs planted everything on the ground except for the blood and the shirt. Proof is in the Book of Evidence. In this book you will see photos of before and after planting of evidence. Please read the book.

My brother did not fall outside on the ground after they shot him they dragged him out and planted the shotgun to fit their lies. Look at the drag marks under the shotgun and computer. The primary Scene report states the shotgun was outside on the ground.

My brother was shot and bleeds out. Then they beat him and dragged him out.

Look how they trashed his home looking for anything to cover up that they shot an unarmed man at 4:38 am

It's a good thing that there was another motor home next to my brothers to stop the sheriffs flying bullets or someone else who was sleeping would have been shot too. Mark the man who lives in this motor home was hit by a bullet or ?. The sheriff's did not care who they shot that night. On the other side of this motor home are houses.

Deputy Yarbrough AR-15, my brother was hit two times with this AR-15

Deputy Sheriffs spent casing, That's a lot of rounds to shot at an unarmed man.

You can see the gunpowder  (GSR) the deputies were less then five feet away from the motor home when they opened fired. Proof in book of Evidence Chapter 2 and 9

See the drag marks

This computer was placed there after they shot him to cover the pool of blood. See how the blood runs up the computer.

Doctors at Inland Valley Medical Center saved my brothers arm, but then the sheriffs took him to booking, beat him, and destroyed the work the doctors did to save his arm. Now my brother's arm is dead and turning different colors and the Sheriffs refuse to give him the medical attention he needed to save his arm.

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